Heading To Work Now That Your Kid Is In School? Look For These Signs Of A Quality After School Program

The hours between when school lets out and parents get home is a risky time for kids who stay at their house alone. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that since quality after school programs are available to fill in the gap. In fact, most kids even look forward to this time after school since they know that it gives them another opportunity to play with their friends. Since knowing that your child is in a quality program allows you to relax and get to work, look for these signs of a program that will use this time to promote your child's development:

Ask About Opportunities for Tutoring and Homework Assistance

Doing homework shortly after school prevents procrastination and makes new concepts stick in your child's memory. When you contact prospective programs, ask if they provide children with academic support. Having someone help them with their homework or provide extra reading support helps kids increase their academic learning so that they can improve how they do at school.

Check to Make Sure That The Kids Have Free Play

While making academic progress is important, kids also need some freedom to burn off all of that pent up energy at the end of a school day. Ideally, the program should offer some time outside where kids can run, climb and jump as much as they want. They should also have opportunities to explore indoors as well. From performing science experiments to simply reading in a quiet corner, you should expect that your child will have plenty of time for self-exploration.

Take a Tour to Observe a Normal Afternoon

You can learn a lot by taking a tour of your desired after school program. While children might be tired from their day at school, they should appear generally happy and engaged in activities. You should also feel comfortable talking to the teachers and agree with their safety policies. During your tour, make sure to ask questions about a typical day such as whether or not snacks are provided so that you can prepare your child for what to expect.

It is important to know that your child is safe and engaged in stimulating activities in the hours after school, and enrolling your child in a program gives you peace of mind as you finish up your work. This year, take the time to check out your preferred program to ensure that it has the qualities that your child needs to be happy until it is time to go home.

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