Keeping Your Child Healthy And Safe In Preschool

Preschools can be a great environment for young children to grow. But in order for it to also be a safe and healthy environment, here are some things you must do. 

Check the School's Policy on Illness

Illness exposure is one thing to watch out for with children in preschool. Some schools are very strict about not accepting children who are sick, while others let children with colds and flus run around and spread their germs to others. Yet other preschools have a separate area where sick children can rest, so that their parents still have an option of providing care for them during the workday. Make sure you are comfortable with the policy of your chosen preschool. 

Check the School's Policy on Discipline

Some of the problems with preschools come from the other children involved. If a child is misbehaving and lashes out at your child, they can get hurt. On the other hand, bad behavior that goes unpunished can have a negative effect on your own child's behavior. Bullying in schools can start as early as preschool. Thus, it's important to find a school that is attentive and instills discipline in all of its children. 

Make Sure Children Have a Healthy Routine

The daily activities of your preschool are another important thing to note. For one, having a set schedule to follow is healthy for children, because it creates discipline. Healthy snacks and lunches are also key for children of this age. And make sure there is plenty of exercise time mixed in with the daily activities. 

Choose an Engaging School

The best preschools are ones that prepare children to have an active mind and body. So take a look at some of the activities that will be available to your child. Things like hands-on learning centers, learning-focused games, and excellent staff attention are some of the things that matter in this category. 

Make Sure the School Has a Plan for Emergencies

Let's talk about another kind of safety: emergency preparedness. When you are looking at schools, you may overlook the opportunity to ask about disaster plans, but it's actually a critical thing that will only come to mind once it's too late. Make sure that your lead staff can articulate their emergency preparedness plan that includes what they would do and how they would help the children. All of these things will make up a preschool that you can be confident in hiring. 

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