5 Easy Ways To Excel In Your ESL Class

Learning English is a difficult — but more and more important — task. But being able to converse in an English-speaking world is vital for many careers, relationships, and educational opportunities. 

So, if you're taking on this particular challenge, how can you excel in any ESL (English as a Second Language) class? Here are five tips to remember.

1. Immerse Yourself. If you live in the United States, there are more than enough opportunities to practice whatever language skill you have. But you may need to push yourself to use it in public situations. Even if it's something as simple as going to a coffee shop and ordering in English, make the effort and you'll learn much more quickly.

2. Create a Schedule. Adults learning another language are busy people, and homework or practice time can easily be forgotten because there are so many things to do. But create a schedule of practice times as well as test preparation and homework. Try to stick to that schedule as consistently as possible.

3. Ask Questions. Want to learn faster and better? Speak up in class. When you have a question, don't be afraid to ask the instructor, other students, and even native speakers around you. Write down questions you have between classes. And find English-speaking people in your life that you can also talk with about things you don't understand. 

4. Remember the Goal. When the task is hard, it's easy to get discouraged and give up or lose focus. So, write down why you're learning ESL — whether it's to speak with loved ones, to understand your kids better, or to get a better job — and post it where you can see it often. Tell friends and family of your goals and ask them to help keep you focused on the right things. 

5. Have Fun. Language learners can't take themselves too seriously, or every mistake will get them down. Remember that this is a long process, and you will have victories and errors all the time. So laugh at your mistakes and move on. Use fun games and kids' books to learn and practice. Practice English while doing enjoyable things like going to movies, getting ice cream, and visiting local parks or hiking trails. Make your ESL class about more than just the classroom — make it about your life and your personality.

As you apply these few tips, your skills, comfort, and ease in using English will surely rise along with your spirits. For more information, contact a school like Interactive College Of Technology.

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Learning English is a difficult — but more and more important — task. But being able to converse in an English-speaking world is vital for many career

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